Kavabanga Depo Kolibri

Kavabanga Depo Kolibri

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Fabryka Lloyda
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About the show

Trio of musicians from Kharkov (Ukraine)
A unique creative association, which, contrary to all the norms and rules of show business, without radio and TV, thanks to its music and social networks, got into the playlists of millions of listeners and the hearts of its thousands of audience.

From its very first hits, written in Kharkov, Kyiv and Odessa, the group has been delighting hundreds of thousands of connoisseurs of sincere lyrics for 10 years now with at least a dozen singles and several dozen concerts - every year! How do they do it? They just love what they do.

The concert program consists of all the band's hits, new releases, very sincere lyrics, and dance singles! All this is collected in a single truthful line of creativity from the courtyards of their native city of Kharkov to the stage in your city.

In the fall of 2023, the group will spend on a large European tour, which will include more than 50 cities in 10 countries. The purpose of the tour is to raise funds, some of which will be donated to support Ukraine



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